Remixes. As if punk music and a snotty attitude weren't bad enough.

by Anti-Machine a.k.a. Mc Stopcox

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Electro trash remixes of punk or hardcore tracks. This little project started out as a joke, creating a 90s eurotrash techno style remix of my former band stopcox back in 2003, I think. Well, it kinda is still a joke but it's also great fun to 'produce' these tracks. The album 'Stopcox songs in bits and bytes' is a full length album with only such remixes released in 2005. Then it got quiet for a while; however, I've done a few more in the past couple of years. This is the kind of sound you may be able to dance to pissed as a bucket at a trash disco party after a punk show, or you can piss off your band mates in the band van on tour or you simply don't.

This album is not considered to be complete yet but rather work in progress. More tracks to follow... [last track added 02/01/2017 - (1000 Years)]


released August 30, 2015

Vocals: Vocalists
The rest: Grobi



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Anti Machine Records Perth, Australia

Anti Machine Records is a punk and hardcore label from Perth, WA. AMR releases predominantly online and most of the downloads are for free with a donation option. Most bands are either from Berlin / Germany or Perth and I either recorded and/or mixed these releases here on bandcamp or/and I played myself in these bands. So it's all more or less family.

Cheers, Grobi
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Track Name: Standard (Hass, Gewalt, Wut, Randale) [Divided Remix]
Hoert mal alle her
Ich will euch etwas sagen
Menschen wie wir, die haben noch was zu zeigen

Industrie und Politik
Arbeiten Hand in Hand
Gefaelschte Berichte von den Medien anerkannt

Unsere Nahrung, die ist
Worueber die Verpackung nichtmal informiert

Wohnungen werden Gebaut
stumpf und steril
Mit zu hohen Mieten fuer die Meisten viel zu viel

Ch.: Hass - Gewalt - Wut - Randale

Dumme Nazis schlagen
Minderheiten tot
Leute stehen daneben, helfen keinem aus der Not

Zivi-Bullen fangen
Das Steine Schmeissen an
Der Einsatzleiter freut sich, jetzt ist die Demo dran

Berlin wird
hauptstadtfein gemacht
Haeuser geraeumt, alle wundern sich wenns kracht

sind ueberall zu sehen
sie gehen straffrei aus, Kollegen konnten was dran drehen

Ch.: Hass - Gewalt - Wut - Randale

Also rafft euch auf
zeigt den Wixern wo ihr steht
damit die Idioten merken, dass es so nicht weiter geht

Ch.: Hass - Gewalt - Wut - Randale
Track Name: Written Record [Nervous Trend Remix]
Written Record

The holy word. The obedient herd.
The debts incurred. Interpretations blurred.
The theatrical absurd. Questions go unheard.
All doubts deferred. False logic reassured.

Mythologise the past and leave out all the facts. The winners write the songs and they decide who was right and who was wrong.

When all that you have left are whispers in the sand and threads of memory long removed from their own lands, who's to say what's true and what that truth might mean? This is no way to live. Content in blind belief, wrapped up in faded dreams. This isn't history. This is fiction bound tightly.

Mythologise the past and leave out all the facts. The winners write the songs and they decide who was right and who was wrong.

When all is said and done, the blood has all been shed. The lines are clearly drawn and the victors are declared. They take control of the story.

The time line's disjointed. Confusion is exploited. The facts are avoided. And they make history.